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The DKG committee work

The DKG expert panels offer a platform for professional for exchange and cooperation in all fields of ceramic science, research, education and industry.

In the DKG, there are at present nine expert committees. The DKG also cooperates with other technical-scientific associations, which has led to the founding of community committees, community work groups, a carbon task force and an expert group for ceramic injection moulding.

The DKG expert committees offer protagonists from all sectors of science, research, training and industry the use as a platform for their professional exchange of views. On this basis, committee members are also invited to develop research projects for the industrial community research (IGF).

For all sceptics, the following shall be mentioned: Scientific investigations show that companies participating in community research and seeking professional exchange with competitors are the most successful in the market.


How do the DKG committees operate?

  • All members of DKG committees, namely scientists from the universities and practitioners from the industry, pool factual insights and scientific results, which they have gained from their work in most varied groups and committees (also outside of the DKG). This inevitably leads to very different perspectives in the assessment of a specialized problem. Those different perspectives lead to a well-balanced overall picture of the issue and its state of technology.
  • It is understood that all members oblige to the regulations that the committees have agreed to, for example to bring their results actively into the discussion, so an equal exchange of thoughts can be achieved without interfering in competition.

The results of the DKG committee work have a significant influence on the topics of DKG research projects, being introduced into the industrial community research by the DKG research association FDKG.

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