Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft e.V.

Guidelines and Leaflets

The DKG doesn’t force regulations upon its members. On
the contrary, all specialists involved use the association to develop and publish guidelines and leaflets. Due to their development, authorship, contents and scope of application, the emerging documents have the character of recommendations and everybody can freely choose whether they want to consider and apply them or not. They do not have binding legal force.

Goals of the DKG guidelines and leaflets are:

  • to improve the suitability and the degree of order for products, processes and services,
  • to promote the exchange of goods and services,
  • and to make the technical and communicative cooperation between all market participants easier.

We ask all readers to send still unpublished DKG guidelines and leaflets to our head office. Please contact us.

Shortly, on these pages, we will try to reactivate the „old“ DKG guidelines and leaflets and to publish new ones.

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