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The DKG Research Policy

The DKG pools the interests of all its members and
represents them by participating actively in different committees

Only by an active participation in the public discussion of research- and development politics can we secure that the interests of the ceramic industry, (science and training) will be taken into consideration.

Especially geo-political processes and new protagonists entering the product- and raw material markets require constant rethinking. The industry, depending on raw materials and a stable energy supply, is often directly affected by political decisions. For this reason, we have to work on economic concepts that are at the same time ecologically sustainable, so the future success of the whole ceramic industry can be secured.

By acquiring a DKG membership, you help us to take responsibility and to retain a positive public perception of the ceramic industry as an innovative and research intensive industrial sector.


The realization of research programmes is carried out by the research association of the DKG, the Forschungsgemeinschaft der Deutschen Keramischen Gesellschaft e.V. (FDKG).

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