Book: Industrial Carbon and Graphite Materials Raw Materials, Production and Applications 2 Volume Set

Following a short introduction, the main part of this reference deals with industrial forms, their raw materials manufacturing, properties and manifold applications. Featuring chapters on carbon and graphite
materials in energy application, and as catalysts. It covers all important classes of carbon and graphite, from polygranular materials to carbon fibres and their composites, and from activated carbon to carbon blacks and nanoforms of carbon. Indispensable for chemists and engineers working in such fields as steel, aluminum, electrochemistry,
nanotechnology, catalyst, carbon fibres and lightweight composites.

  • Introduction: The Future of Carbon Materials -
  • The Industrial Perspective
  • The Element Carbon
  • History of Carbon Materials
  • Recommended Terminology for the Description of Carbon as a Solid (© 1995 IUPAC)
  • Graphite
  • Industrial Carbons
  • Carbon and Graphite for Electrochemical Power Sources
  • Carbon and Graphite for Catalysis
  • Activated Carbon
  • Carbon Black
  • Carbon Fibers
  • Carbon Fiber Composites
  • Nanocarbons


Authors Biography

  • Hubert Jäger received his PhD from the Technical University of Karlsruhe. He started his industrial career in 1986 at SGL Carbon. Since then, he held various positions in R&D, production, technical service and others. Since 2014 he is Professor at the Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology - ILK. He is author of several papers in polymer chemistry, SiC-fiber composite technology and carbon fiber surface chemistry. Since 2015 he is president of the Carbon Composites Industry Association Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Wilhelm Frohs received his PhD 1989 from the Technical University of Karlsruhe under the guidance of Prof. Fitzer. In the same year he joined SGL Carbon and has held various R&D positions. He is author of many papers in the fields of carbon fibers, petroleum, and coal tar pitch coke, coal tar pitch, and graphite electrodes. He was president of the German Carbon Group (Arbeitskreis Kohlenstoff, AKK) from 2010 until 2018.