Konferenz / Tagung

ECerS XVII / ICC9 / Electroceramics XVIII

10.07.2022 – 14.07.2022
Kraków, Poland
ECerS and the Polish Ceramic Society are pleased to invite you to attend the joint ECerS XVII, ICC9 and Electroceramics XVIII Conferences that will be held from 10th to 14th July 2022 in Krakow, Poland.
- European Ceramic Society
- International Ceramic Federation
- International Committee of Electroceramics
- Polskie Towarzystow Ceramiczne
Adresse / Anfahrt:
Congress Centre ICE Kraków
Marii Konopnickiej 17
30-302 Kraków

We would very much like to invite all of you to a meeting that we hope will help to bring together the global ceramic community in one place and time.

By agreement between the European Ceramics Society, the International Ceramic Federation and the International Committee of Electroceramics, and with excellent international cooperation, it has been decided to combine three major conferences into one major conference: ECerS XVII, ICC9 and Electroceramics XVIII.

This joint Conference, entitled CERAMICS IN EUROPE 2022, will be held in Krakow, Poland, from 10th to 14th July 2022. A single registration fee will give access to all three conferences.

We truly hope that you will let this wonderful and ancient city with an old academic and scientific tradition become the background for an extremely fruitful meeting, which will give us all a much-needed boost for achieving progress again in our professional lives for the benefit of our world.

Let the Ceramists meet again in 2022 in Krakow!

Themen / Teilnahmebedingungen:

Dear Friends,

The last month has brought very tragic events in Europe following the unprovoked attack on Ukraine; as a result many of you are, understandably, asking about the impact of the war on the situation in Poland. We can assure you that the war does not affect the functioning of the Polish state at all; life across Poland and in Krakow goes on normally and we are completely safe. Moreover, as a member of NATO we feel their full support in protecting our security.

We therefore invite you to come to Krakow for the long-awaited, first major ceramic conference after the pandemic in Europe, Ceramics in Europe 2022, where we can all meet up and enjoy what will be an excellent conference, both technically and socially.

See you in Krakow in July,
The Organising Committee