We build the future
of ceramics

The Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft (DKG) is the ceramic society with the most members
in Europe and one of the oldest professional associations in the world.
Foam ceramics for burners, reformers, solar receivers (© Fraunhofer IKTS)
Ceramic helmet as ballistic body protection solution (© Schunk Ingenieurkeramik)
Sanitary plant Mettlach (© Villeroy & Boch)
Mining of light burning clays (© Schmidt Tone)
Hand plastering vanity after casting (© Duravit)
DKG membership can be the path to new horizons for you ...
Ceramic membranes (© Fraunhofer IKTS)
3D ceramic structural part (© Schunk Ingenieurkeramik)
Dining & lifestyle (© Villeroy & Boch, Produktion)
Rheometer in the central lab (© Schmidt Tone)
Control of a WC before glazing (© Duravit)
DKG has been the ceramic network in Germany for more than 100 years
Characterization of a lithium battery (© Fraunhofer IKTS)
WC on the automatic test station (© Duravit)
Preparation plant for standardized clay mixtures (© Schmidt Tone)

Since DKG was founded in 1919, its members have built up one of the most important ceramic networks in Germany.

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Expert groups in the ceramic network

Highly specialized and professionally unique in Germany, with its own rules of procedure and membership fees in the DKG