DKG expert committee 1 - Simulation

Dr. Martin Christ

Chairman DKG FA 1
Virtual Materials & Processes GmbH (VM&P)
Schertlinstrasse 11 1/70
86159 Augsburg
+49 (0) 151 187 060 59

The DKG expert committee 1 "Simulation" (DKG FA 1) serves the exchange of experience between industry and research institutions. The main topic is the simulation of manufacturing processes and technical applications of ceramic materials. The focus is particularly on the benefits for industrial product and application development.

„Drehstromheizer“, Quelle: VM&P GmbH
The DKG FA 1 considers the entire process chain - from production to application of ceramic materials from the point of view of modeling and simulation. These areas of material modeling, process and application simulation are covered:
  • Material modeling: computer-based description of material properties
  • Process simulation: simulation of raw material preparation, shaping processes, firing and sintering processes through to machining
  • Application simulation: calculation of the behavior of ceramic parts and plant components in use

The aim of the committee is to make known the state of the art on the current possible applications of modeling and simulation in the field of the manufacture and use of ceramics and to discuss new approaches. Particular emphasis is placed on demonstrating the practical benefits of these methods, such as shortening development times or identifying product risks in good time.