DKG mission statement

The executive board developed a DKG mission statement in its strategy meetings 2013/2014. The implementation took place from 2014 to 2017 via strategy groups, each of which was chaired by a responsible member of the executive board. In November 2017, the executive board has decided to dissolve these strategy groups as part of the transformation of the board from a full executive board to a functional executive board.

The DKG mission statement in 5 points:


The DKG is the leading German ceramic association on issues of technology, science, research and further training

The DKG positions itself as trendsetter for ceramics in technology and supports the ceramics arts / aesthetics. The DKG sets standards.

The DKG is the German representative of ceramics in the network of international associations (for technology, science, research and development
as well as further training)

The DKG shapes the networks of ceramics-oriented associations through innovations and public impact. The DKG sets recognizable goals and imparts prospects.

The DKG is the ceramic research portal for the industrial joint research

In collaboration with the Research Association of the Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft (FDKG), the DKG organizes the linking of industrial requirements and scientific developments on materials and processes.

The DKG is the carrier of knowledge transfer for its members and relevant stakeholders

The DKG is the carrier of innovative and systematic further education. The DKG presents developments in publicly effective meetings, forums and congresses.

The DKG is the association with a clear focus and transparent structure

The DKG integrates the interests of its members from application-oriented research and industry, and offers them a platform.