DKG expert committee 5 - Post-processing

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Goller

Chairman DKG FA 5
Hochschule Augsburg
Forschungsgruppe HSA Comp
Am Technologiezentrum 5
86159 Augsburg
+49 821 650657-52
The DKG expert committee 5 "Post-processing" (DKG FA 5) serves the exchange on all questions concerning the finishing possibilities of ceramic materials.

The DKG FA 5 is aimed in particular at those responsible for and specialists in the field of post-processing in the ceramics industry and in ceramics-oriented research and educational institutions. In addition, ceramic users and representatives of post-processing equipment manufacturers are also welcome. The following are some of the focal points of the work of the DKG FA 5 (the selection of topics is determined by the interested members of the FA 5):
  • Process optimization in the processing of technical ceramics and ceramic fiber composites
  • Ultrasonic machining
  • Processing of ceramics with specific diamond cutting edges
  • Influence of cooling lubricants on service life and surface quality
  • Evaluation of machined surfaces
  • Influence of finishing on mechanical properties
  • Finishing of 3D printed ceramic components