DKG technical expert committee 6-2 - Thermomechanical properties

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Verena Merklinger

HTWG Hochschule Konstanz
Technik, Wirtschaft und Gestaltung 
Fakultät Maschinenbau
Institut für Werkstoffsystemtechnik
Alfred-Wachtel-Straße 8
78462 Konstanz
+49 (0)7531 / 206 - 316
The DKG technical expert committee 6-2 "Thermomechanical properties" (DKG TFA 6-2) focuses on the determination and optimization of the thermomechanical properties of ceramic materials and components. 
Quelle: Prof. Dr. Verena Merklinger

Technical ceramics and refractory products are frequently exposed to high temperatures or strong thermal shock loads during manufacture or in application. For this reason, the mechanical high-temperature properties and thermal shock resistance of these materials and their intermediates are of equally great interest to manufacturers and users.

The TFA 6-2 is aimed in particular at manufacturers of ceramic materials and refractory products that are used under severe thermomechanical stress, as well as at users of such materials. Its objective is to advance the thermomechanical characterization of ceramics and refractory materials through the use of existing test methods and the joint development of new ones. On the one hand, this should reduce the number of rejects in production. On the other hand, it will also open up new possibilities in material development and new findings for the design of components, which will increase their reliability in application. The aim is also to improve networking between manufacturers and users and to expand potential through joint developments.