Joint committee FPM/WSM/DKG - Powder metallurgy

Prof. Christoph Broeckmann

RWTH Aachen
Institut für Werkstoffanwendungen im Maschinenbau
Augustinerbach 4
52062 Aachen
+49 241 80 96189
+49 241 80 92266

Dr. Klaus Dollmeier

Vice Chairman
GKN Sinter Metals

Issues relating to specific tasks in the sintering of metals are dealt with in the joint committee with the professional association (FV) powder metallurgy.
The sponsoring organizations of the Powder Metallurgy Joint Committee are the Powder Metallurgy Association (FPM) in the Steel and Metal Processing Trade Association (WSM) and the Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft (DKG). 

Quelle: GKN

Each year, the Powder Metallurgy joint committee holds two events.

  • Spring meetings: Plant or factory tours as well as technical presentations
    Topics covered include the fabrication of cellular structures, the sintering of chromium steel materials, and the tuning of specific properties of metallic composites.

  • Fall meeting: This event takes place immediately before the Hagen Powder Metallurgy Symposium.
    The FV Powder Metallurgy organizes this two-day symposium, which regularly brings together more than 200 experts on topics such as "Sintering - the central process of powder metallurgy" or "Energy and resource efficiency through powder metallurgy". With the SKAUPY award, the GA Powder Metallurgy honors outstanding personalities from powder metallurgy at this symposium every year.