DKG expert committee 2 - Raw materials

Dr. Christoph Piribauer

Chairman DKG FA 2
Stephan Schmidt KG
Bahnhofstraße 92
65599 Dornburg-Langendernbach
+49 (6436) 6091172
The main focus of the DKG expert committee 2 "Raw materials" (DKG FA 2) is on ceramic raw materials, their properties and their characterization by measurement and analysis methods. 
  • Among the topics discussed in the DKG FA 2 are rheological measurement methods, properties of mineral surfaces, particle size distributions and their analyses, refinement of raw material evaluation schemes, and evaluation of processing properties of working mixes with inorganic or organic processing aids. The objectives are to clarify above all the influences of raw material characteristics on processing properties (extrusion, casting, pressing), to harmonize the necessary measurement methods and then to publish them as generally applicable, validated "DKG guidelines".
  • The committee, which has around 60 representatives from the raw materials industry and the raw materials processing ceramics industry as well as from application-oriented research institutes, organizes two events a year with changing thematic focuses and visits to members' plants. Research projects are initiated jointly and their interim and final results are discussed with regard to their feasibility in industry.
  • The committee is aimed in particular at technical staff from the laboratory, development and production areas.