DKG technical expert committee 6-1 - Characterization of porous ceramics

PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Tobias Fey

Friedrich Alexander Universität
Lehrstuhl für Werkstoffwissenschaften (Glas und Keramik)
Martensstr. 5
91058 Erlangen
+49/9131 - 8527546
The DKG technical expert committee 6-1 "Characterization of porous ceramics" (DKG TFA 6-1) is dedicated to the topics characterization, testing, simulation and application of porous ceramics.
Quelle: Dr. Tobias Fey
Designing and developing porous materials for demanding medical, environmental, automotive, and aerospace applications, and bringing these materials into use, is one of the most important tasks of modern engineering. Ceramic-based porous materials are natural candidates for these applications due to their very attractive properties.

The DKG TFA 6-1 focuses on the topics characterization, testing (test methods), simulation and application of porous ceramics, such as lightweight construction, insulation, scaffolds, substrates for catalytic applications. Here, the term "porous" includes all ceramic materials that have both open and closed pores, regardless of their geometric distribution and size, interconnectivity of the pores, permeability and tortuosity.
In addition to characterization, which is a crucial component especially in the industrial environment for quality and process assurance, the determination of structural and material properties, especially physical (e.g. thermal, electrical, acoustic, optical) and mechanical properties is considered in the industrial environment. Test procedures are evaluated and validated with potential partners. Interlinking with the other DKG expert committees is planned and has already been discussed.