Joint committee DGG/DKG - Glassy-crystalline multifunctional materials

Dr. Markus Eberstein

c/o ASML Berlin GmbH
New Product Introduction Technologies
Waldkraiburger Straße 5
12347 Berlin
+49 (0) 173 3732409
The topics of the joint committee (GA) include materials design and modeling, phase and microstructure formation of glassy-crystalline multifunctional materials.
  • The GA is a cooperation between the Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft (DGG) and the Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft (DKG). At least one meeting is held annually on a changing thematic focus with technical presentations. Discussions and reports on the activities of the joint committee are rounded off by visits to the host companies. 
  • The GA promotes the exchange of experience between experts from the border areas of glass and ceramics on the fundamentals and technologies of multifunctional glassy-crystalline materials and material types. Among its goals, the working group declares to open up new application possibilities of glassy-crystalline materials and to promote new manufacturing technologies.
  • The GA's projects include: conducting interlaboratory comparisons, organizing student and staff exchanges, and preparing joint documentation.