Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft e. V. (DKG)

The DKG was founded as a ceramic professional association and technical-scientific association in the year 1919. Its predecessor organization was established as early as 1913 as an independent scientific and technical department (WTA) within the Association of Ceramic Trades in Germany (VKG).

The DKG is committed to the following goals:

  • All industrial areas face great challenges – new materials, new products and markets. Mastering these, i.e. also securing traditional sales channels and opening up new ones, requires imaginative and creative approaches to solutions – but especially the professional and cross-sector dialog.
  • Instruments that make the success for you and your company more likely are research and development,  training and further eductaion as well as a future-oriented planning and thinking.

  • With over 500 personal and about 200 legal members (companies, institutes, universities, technical colleges and vocational schools etc.) and their employed staff, the DKG is the biggest ceramic society with the most members in Europe.

  • Students, trainees and young academics from Germany and abroad that plan a future in ceramics or feel connected to the industry can profit from the free membership in the DKG and in the Young Ceramists Network or from the unique DKG mentoring program.