Expert group "Ceramic Injection Molding" in the DKG

Dr. Tassilo Moritz

Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme IKTS
Winterbergstr. 28
01277 Dresden
+49 351 2553-7747
+49 351 2554-197

Dr. Moritz von Witzleben

Vice Chairman
INMATEC Technologies GmbH
Heerstrassenbenden 10
53359 Rheinbach
+49 (0) 2226 908731
+49 (0) 2226 908710
The DKG's Ceramic Injection Molding expert group sees itself as a network of companies and institutes whose goal is the innovative further development of the entire ceramic injection molding process chain.
The Ceramic Injection Molding expert group has its own homepage. There, you will find further information and your contact persons.
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The main tasks of the expert group are the dissemination of CIM (ceramic injection molding) technology, its further development, and the coordination and alignment of members' interests with those of other interest groups. In accordance with its tasks, the expert group forms three working groups:

  • Technology marketing
    At the meetings of the "Technology Marketing" working group, university seminars on topics related to ceramic injection molding are organized, changes to the working group's web presence are discussed, presentations in lectures at institutes, participation in trade fairs and press relations are discussed.

  • Technology development

    The "Technology Development" working group oversees, among other things, AiF-funded joint industrial research projects in which members of the expert group form the project-accompanying committee. The working group organizes several meetings each year.

  • Networking
    The tasks of the "Networking" working group include sounding out the opinions of the members with the aid of anonymous surveys, but also holding the twice-yearly general meetings of the expert group.