Honors of the DKG

The Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft awards honors to deserving members and to personalities who have rendered outstanding services to ceramics.
  • Honors are based, according to the DKG Honorary Regulations, on a joint proposal of the society's executive board and only take place on special occasions, e.g. on the basis of personal merit in voluntary DKG, oustanding scientific achievements in ceramics and its adjacent areas, or through exceptional, personal promotion of collaboration between industry, research and education.
  • The awards are presented during the annual DKG meetings. These awards are also intended to commemorate pioneering personalities from the history of German ceramics and its society.
The DKG would like to give its members the opportunity to actively participate in the awarding of DKG honours - considering the respective conditions attached to them - and to submit corresponding proposals for award winners to the Board of Directors (please download the document, fill it out and send it to the DKG by e-mail): 2023 - Template DKG_Auszeichnungen.docx

Note: Nominations for DKG awards are reserved exclusively for DKG members; the persons you nominate do not necessarily have to be DKG members.

The DKG awards different honors (in order of their social significance):