Safeguarding good research practice

On March 7, 2016, the General Meeting adopted the following declaration of commitment to "Safeguarding Good Research Practice" in accordance with the recommendations of the DFG.

The English version of the DKG commitment declaration (or in any other language) is for information only and is not legally binding.The German version of the DKG commitment declaration basing upon the German DKG statutes shall always prevail.
Wording of the DKG commitment declaration

(As of: 07.03.2016)


According to § 1 Para. 3 of its statute, the DKG pursues the promotion of all ceramics in technical, scientific and artistic relation and tries to achieve these goals by:
  • the organization of conferences and seminars in relevant fields; 
  • the communication of technical and scientific progress in special "reports" and by collaborating in other literary undertakings;
  • the approach of technical bases in appropriate committees;
  • the execution of technical-scientific works and by appropriate cooperation in such works by third parties and
  • the promotion of ceramics education at universities and technical schools and the organization of corresponding further education events.
The DKG has (currently) three permanent employees and is an association (e.V.) registered in the Register of Associations at the Bonn Local Court and a recognized professional association. The association is financed by membership fees.
The Executive Board, the head of scientific work and all staff members (f/m/d) are aware of the recommendations of the DFG on "Safeguarding Good Research Practice", which were drawn up by the Commission on "Self-Regulation in Science". The DKG adopts the aforementioned recommendations as its own. The Executive Board, the head of scientific work and all employees are bound by them. 

Cologne, March 8, 2016
Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft e.V. (DKG)

Joachim Heym
Chairman of the Executive Board                    

Dr.-Ing. Detlev Nicklas
DKG Managing Director

Status 2021:
Frau Prof. Dr. Antje Liersch and Frau Dr. Angelika Priese are available as independent persons of trust (elected ombudspersons), in particular as contact persons for all questions of good research practice.