DKG online adverts and job market

The DKG online adverts and job market is ideal for searching for specialists and managers, products and machines etc. from the entire ceramics industry and its suppliers.

  • DKG services

    4-week publication of the advert on the DKG online job market and complete technical handling at

  • Publication of adverts for DKG member companies
    The DKG online job market is free of charge for personal members, non-members and legal members.
    For legal members, we publish the advert for 8 weeks, an extension is possible at any time.
  • Publication of adverts for non-members
    Non-members of the DKG pay a flat rate of EUR 250 plus VAT for each advert published. This includes all costs for a placement period of four weeks. An extension of the advert for a further four weeks is possible for EUR 100 plus VAT.