DKG specialist area 7 - Bioceramics

Dr. Franziska Schmidt

Chairman DKG FG 7
Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin
Institut für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde
Abteilung für Zahnärztliche Prothetik, Alterszahnmedizin und Funktionslehre
Aßmannshauser Straße 4-6
14197 Berlin
 +49 30 450 662 676
The main focus of the work of specialist area 7 "Bioceramics" (DKG FG 7) is current research and development in the field of ceramics, glasses and glass-ceramics for medical and dental applications.

DKG FG 7 provides a forum for the exchange of information between universities, research institutes and industry.

To this end, we organise symposia as part of the DKG annual conferences and plan an annual working meeting at different locations. The aim is to bundle research and development co-operation in these areas.