DKG Honorary presidency

The highest honor of the society

Honorary presidencies are awarded to members who have made extraordinary contributions to the society in all aspects of their voluntary work as DKG president. Two members have been awarded this honor to date.

Dr. Alexander Guilleaume

was awarded the honorary presidency of the DKG in 1957. The industrialist from Bonn reorganized the DKG after World War II. Only through his tireless efforts, first on his own initiative and later as president, a new establishment of the DKG was possible in 1949. Under his presidency, the DKG managed to reestablish or reopen the ceramic research institutes in Aachen, Clausthal and the Institute for Silicate Research in Würzburg, as compensation for the losses incurred by the training centers in Berlin, Wroclaw and Boleslav.

Dr. Dr.-Ing. E. h. Gottfried Cremer

was appointed as honorary president of the DKG in 1969. The industrialist from Cologne took over the DKG presidency from Dr. Guilleaume in 1957 and was involved in society far beyond his term of office. He managed to integrate the German ceramics, under leadership of the DKG, into the international associations landscape again. Furthermore, he promoted the education of young ceramicists and craftsmen to an extraordinary extent, also with his own financial means.