DKG sponsorship

The DKG sponsorship: The stepping stone for students of all disciplines for a professional career in ceramics and/or its supplier industries.
A DKG sponsorship can be the "DKG Scholarship" for students (f/m/d), in which a close contact is established with an executive of a DKG member company or research institution (the sponsor). The sponsor helps you with technical questions and is also available to advise you in difficult situations during your studies. In addition, topics for practical final theses can be worked out together. These can serve as a springboard for a direct entry into professional life after graduation.

All students (f/m/d) with an interest in ceramics can apply for a DKG sponsorship – regardless of their field of study from Germany and abroad. Economists or humanities graduates are also welcome in our industry, because ceramics not only encompasses engineering and natural sciences, but also needs creative minds in addition to cool strategists!


How do you apply for a DKG sponsorship?
Very simple: All students (f/m/d) at a German and/or foreign university/college with a special interest in ceramics can apply. We only ask for a written application in German and/or English.

Your application should include the following constituents:

  • Covering letter

    In your cover letter, please explain on no more than one page why a "DKG sponsorship" should be accepted for you, and describe your particular areas of interest in ceramics.
  • Curriculum vitae

    Please include a brief curriculum vitae with your application, detailing your education, course of study, and major fields of study, as well as any volunteer work you have done.
  • Copies of certificates

    Please enclose your proof of university and/or college entrance qualification, job-relevant training certificates, a current statement of your student account and, in the case of a diploma/master's major or master's degree program, your intermediate examination or bachelor's degree certificate.

    Please send your application via e-mail or by postal mail to the following address:

    Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft e. V.
    Stichwort: DKG sponsorship
    Bergerstrasse 145 a
    D-51145 Cologne