Working group: Process-accompanying test methods
in the Joint Committee DKG/DGM - High-performance ceramics



The working group is concerned with in-process testing methods for high-performance ceramics. For example, the working group has already initiated several round robin tests, e.g. to determine the particle size distribution of ultra-fine powders or the particle size and zeta potential of ultra-fine and nanopowders. The participation of laboratories from different institutions showed the relevance of these research tasks. The joint discussion of the results with equipment manufacturers and users made it possible to transfer the research results directly into practice.

Aims of the working group:

  • Scientific exchange regarding the development and application of devices and methods for in-process testing in the entire ceramic process chain
  • Presentation of newly developed test equipment by the manufacturers
  • Formulation and initiation of joint research and development projects of the test equipment developers and the users of in-process test methods
  • Validation of test methods by round robin tests
  • Exchange of information on standardization activities in the field of in-process testing