Hans-Walter Hennicke lecture award

In memory of Professor Dr. Hans Walter Hennicke, the DKG has presented the Hans Walter Hennicke Lecture Award since 1995. This will be awarded to the three best papers presented by young ceramists (f/m/d) on their final thesis during the annual DKG conference.

Prof. Dr. Hans Walter Hennicke (1927–1993) was a German ceramist, professor and director of the Institute for Rock and Earth (Nonmetallic Materials) at Clausthal University of Technology. From 1988, he supervised the scientific work of the DKG and enjoyed a high international reputation.

The Hans Walter Hennicke Lecture Competition is open to all graduates whose bachelor's, master's, diploma or comparable final examination (excluding doctorate) at a technical school, college or university in the field of materials and/or ceramics was completed no more than one year ago.The competition and the subsequent award cerimony take place at the DKG Annual Meeting.

So far the award has been presented to since 1995?
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For registrations for the competition we need:

  • Your current contact details
  • A summary of your thesis (short abstract) of max. 1,500 characters in English
  • The name of the institution where you completed the thesis
  • Name of your mentor
  • The date of the examination

These are the requirements for an accepted submission:

  1. Your application/registration must be submitted within the specified period
  2. Speaking time 15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion (determined by the jury); the language of the presentation is EnglishThe
  3. The assessment criteria are: content, structure and visual presentation, imagery, presentation style, timekeeping and discussion
  4. Assessment: For each criterion, the jury awards 1 to 4 points, a maximum of 24 points can be reached.
  5. A laptop and a beamer will be available. If you need other media for your presentation, please contact the DKG office in advance (congress@dkg.de)

We look forward to receiving your applications
Your DKG-Team