The free-of-charge DKG membership in the Young Professionals Network KERAMIK

Any trainee, student or young academic from Germany or abroad can become a DKG member of the KERAMIK Young Professionals Network free of charge.

With a free-of-charge DKG membership in the KERAMIK Young Professionals Network, you will have close contact with companies in the ceramics industry, research institutions or their supplier sectors from the earliest stages of your training or studies.

7 good reasons for a membership:

  1. Free-of-charge DKG membership in the KERAMIK Young Professionals Network
    Prerequisite: You are a student (bachelor, master or doctoral student) or a technical student without a permanent or freelance job and/or income. In this case, your membership in the DKG and in the Junior Network KERAMIK is free of charge until the end of your regular period of study (degree/doctorate) or training. The student DKG membership under the above mentioned conditions, without simultaneous membership in the Junior Network KERAMIK, is currently EUR 30.00 per annum.
  2. Take advantage of the ceramic DKG online job market
    Are you looking for your first professional challenge? Your ad(s) in the DKG online job market is already included in the membership fee.
  3. Use the Society's magazine cfi/Ber. der DKG
    With the society magazine, free of charge and included in the membership fee for members, you will have the latest information on the industry. Application-oriented articles on products and materials of the ceramics and supplier industries form the thematic focus.
  4. Take advantage of the best (discounted) conditions at all events organized by DKG and its partner associations, as well as continuing education and training measures
  5. Take advantage of exclusive access to specialist content in theDKG Cloud
    Among other things, the DKG Cloud provides exclusive content from DKG specialist committees and DKG specialist areas for our members.
  6. Take advantage of the free publications in the association's magazine
    Publications in the Society's magazine are subject to partially discounted rates for all personal members.
  7. Take advantage of reduced subscription rates for international ceramic journals, for example the Journal of the European Ceramic Society (printed and electronic subscriptions)