Aims of the DKG committee work

The DKG expert committees offer stakeholders from all areas of science, research, education and industry to use them as a platform for the exchange of expert opinions and, on this basis, to develop research projects for Industrial Collective Research (IGF), among other things.

How does the DKG committee work?

  • In the DKG expert committees (DKG FA) and specialist areas (DKG FG), all participants – be they scientists from universities or practitioners from industry – compile their technical results, which you have worked out in the most diverse working committees (also outside the DKG).
    This inevitably results in a wide variety of perspectives when assessing a technical problem, which in their entirety can generally represent the current state of the art on the subject.
  • All participants are expected to commit themselves to agreed rules in the working groups, i.e. to actively contribute their results to the discussion in order to achieve an equal exchange of ideas without interfering with the competition between the participating companies.

The results of DKG committee work have a significant influence on the topics of DKG research projects, which can also be introduced into Industrial Collective Research (IGF).